I often receive requests of people trying to book Mount Rainier photoshoots, but I found out that shooting there was not for me.

I tried photographing there for a few times and I got overwhelmed with the crowds and narrow trails. So I found out it's not my favorite place to create and get inspired.

When I came to visit Mount Baker with my family, I felt in love Instantly. It's FREE SPIRIT place and it became my favorite mountain to go. It's way more chill and low-key (not saying it will be empty) - this place is absolutely STUNNING and there's so much to see.

I love when my clients never made that way and I can give them a full experience and show them every little corner I know. It makes me so happy!!!

Below are some pictures in Artist Point, the furthest Parking lot you can go. The view is EPIC and everywhere you look you see the North Cascades.

Also, how beautiful is this place on Fall?