I think most of the people who wants to book a session with me mentioned that they like candid pictures and that they feel the awkwardness when posing.

I prompt families to allow movement and emotive pictures!!!

I want to have pictures full of life - that demonstrates love, fun and connection!

I will suggest tons of things to do - so you can engage, instead of making you stiff - looking at the camera and saying cheeeeese, smile!

Think games, conversations, walks, dance, tickle, cuddle, hugs - believe me: movement is the key!

In advance I would like to talk about getting out of your comfortable zone, I know showing intimacy with a stranger is not an easy thing - but I will do my best to make you comfortable and build a safe space between us.

Let's break the ICE!

HANDS: Holding and touch makes such a huge difference on pictures. Going for a walk? Hold hands.

Cuddling? Hold on each other!

The more you are close - feeling your family, their presence and having fun - I guarantee that the magical pictures will follow.

Let's talk about expectations:

I come to my sessions very happy and ready to be led by the children.

I will never force anything and if something is not working, we will try something else.

I would ask you not to overthink/parent your little one's behavior during the session - I know there will be a turn around time - LEAVE THIS WITH ME - because I will pull all my cards/tricks on the table to make sure to deliver an awesome interactive gallery.

In the beginning of the Session I will give a more structure/ basic direction on what to do:

I like to get a good amount of important/variety photos right in the beginning - I like to guarantee we will have all the basics.

After I know I got all the basics (check first line of pictures from the beginning of the session) - this is when I get the more candid, fluid moments.